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Busy_LizzieTM Cleaning Services

Scrubbing in Muskoka since 1991

We are fully insured for liability and WSIB Covererage



Below is a brief list of the services we offer.  All of our services are fully customizable to suit your individual needs.  We provide all equipment and use enviromentally friendly cleaning supplies that are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have or to book your free estimate.

Residental Home & Cottage Cleaning

Service includes but is not limited to :

  • Thorough dusting of surfaces
  • Kitchen surfaces cleaned and sanitized
  • Vacuuming of all floors and mopping of any hardwood or tile
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms

    Many different options are available to suit your budget and needs.

  • Rental Changeovers

    Service incudes :

  • Thorough dusting of surfaces
  • Kitchen surfaces cleaned as well as inside all cupboards, appliances and drawers checked and cleaned as needed
  • Vacuuming of all floors and mopping any harwood or tile
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms
  • Property check completed to ensure everything is in it's place

    We also offer linen services if your rental provides sheets and or towels for your guests.

  • Spring Cleaning

    Service incudes:
  • Thorough dusting of surfaces, fixtures and fans
  • All baseboards, ledges and trim wiped down
  • Inside all cupboards and appliances cleaned as needed
  • Furniture moved (except heavy pieces)and all floors vacuumed; hardwood and/or tile mopped

    Let Busy LizzieTM take care of all your spring cleaning needs so you can spend your time enjoying your space, not cleaning it. 

  • Winter Cottage Checks

    Service incudes:
  • Walk through home or cottage to ensure that everything is as it should be
  • Security log of our visits kept onsite
  • Mouse traps and bait checked and replenished as needed (optional)
  • Once-through of dusting, floors and a bathroom spritz (optional)

    We can check your property for you for any interval from once a week to once a month or on call.  This is a good way to ensure that in your absence nothing has gone awry, the critters haven't taken over or, if you require, that your property is ready for you to return at any minute.   Some insurance companies require you have a security check when the property is vacant.

  • Post Construction Cleaning

    Service incudes but is not limited to:
  • Thorough wipe down of all beams, walls, trim, sills, ledges, fixtures and fans
  • All excess mortar removed from stone work
  • Inside all cupboards and appliances wiped down, stickers removed and made ready for use
  • All floors vacuumed and mopped
  • All windows washed and stickers and or paint removed as required

    We have a great deal of experience with post construction cleaning in the Muskoka area. We comply with Health and Safety requirements, Ladder safety and WSIB Clearance .

  • Commercial Office Cleaning

    Service incudes:
  • Emptying all garbage and recycling cans (garbage to be disposed of on-site)
  • Dusting of all accessible surfaces
  • Phones & keyboards sanitized
  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms
  • Kitchen surfaces cleaned (dishes and inside appliances optional)
  • All glass and doors spot cleaned for finger marks, etc.

    We can also supply your business with paper products and soaps to be replenished as required. 

  • Window Washing

    Service incudes:
  • All windows washed inside and or outside
  • All sickers, paint/ stain removed as required
  • Window trim and ledges wiped down
  • We provide all ladders and safety products so you can enjoy the specatular views Muskoka has to offer.

    Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

    Service incudes:
  • All surfaces vacuumed 
  • Any stains or spots pre-treated
  • Only anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning solutions are used 

    We can combine this service with our regular cleaning making us the ideal choice for a small job. To give your upholstery and carpets that nice clean look and feel, Busy LizzieTM is the place to call. 

  • VCT Floor Sealing & Waxing

    Service incudes:
  • All old wax stripped off
  • Corners & edges cleaned up
  • 3 coats of acrylic wax applied
  • Buffed with an industrial burnisher to provide durability 

    We also provide clean/seal/wax/buff services for new floor installations. Let Busy LizzieTM make your floors sparkle.


  • HYGIENITECH Mattress Sanitization

    Service incudes:
  • All natural, chemical free, dry-treatment process
  • Removes and destroys: bedbugs, dustmites, mold & fungal spores, common viruses, harmfull bacteria and more

    The HYGIENITECH Mattress Cleaning System is a portable device that genterates incredible suction and uses UVC light to destroy and extract all types of unheathy sediment and micro organisms that live and breed in mattresses and soft furniture.

  • Laundry Service

    Service incudes:
  • Linens, towels, clothing, comforters and more can be done with our wash/dry/fold service
  • Pick up & delivery available
  • Ironing and pressing services
  • We offer bedding strip, wash and remake services - ideal for rental changeovers or when a lot of company has come! 

    Perfect if you don't have the time or facilities to do your own laundry or just want to give your septic system a break.

  • Registered Veterans Service Provider

    Service incudes:
  • Routine Cleaning: Dusting, Floors, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Laundry and Window Washing
  • Non Routine Services: Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning 

    Busy Lizzie TM has been a Registered Veterans Service Provider since 2007.  We will work with you to create a schedule and routine that meets your needs and lifestlye.  There is very little paperwork for you to worry about as we take care of all the billing and are reimbursed directly by Blue Cross. 

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